Old habits die easy

How many years does a smartphone last? The answer is: not that long. I usually change phone about every two to three years, and towards the end of those years it’s usually always on it’s deathbed. And I constantly battle with space on it. I’m one of those that love to take pictures; maybe that runs in the family, we have a few photographers here and there. So when I’m out and about, I take a lot of snaps. I also love filming and I probably have some kind of narcissistic disorder, because I have a lot of selfies, and clips of myself being a nutcase in my car, singing along to the radio!

But my phones over the years have served me adequately. They are at there worst on bigger trips. When I was a Mister Global ambassador for Sweden I had major problems trying to free space, just to be able to add more pictures to it. It was the general problem, I remember talking with my roommate about it during that week. So what we had to do was fine comb our photo albums, erase pictures we didn’t like anymore and remove the odd app that took too much space. Bye Snapchat, bye Tinder, and so on. Actually I wasn’t using Tinder there, the attention thrown our way just being “Mister Globals” was more than enough! But you get the picture.

Also when I travelled through Europe a few months later, I had the same problem. But all in all, the phone I have now is about to be replaced. It’s a Samsung middle of the line smartphone. I have only ever had Samsung when the world shifted to the smartphone-era. And if I’m not mistaken this is my third, perhaps fourth. I never fell for the iPhone, just hasn’t been my thing. I love Apple, and I’m writing this post on a MacBook, but I just can’t get my head around getting an iPhone. To me they are too limited; I like the freedom in the android system. Yes, I am waiting for a phone call now from Apple. “Yes sure, I’ll gladly accept a sponsorship Mr. Apple. Thanks, bye!”

So, what I’m looking for now is something different. Samsung, been there done that. iPhone, haven’t been there wont do that. So that gives me a couple of other choices, and the only real option is Huawei. So there we have it, my next phone will be a Huawei. I love the feeling of change, learning new habits and challenging my mind. I mean, I could run my current Samsung in my sleep, I know all the buttons and shortcuts. It’s time for a mind update!

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