An early start today

It’s Saturday and I was up before 7 o’clock. I enjoy waking up, it’s the best part of the day, but I also want to be efficient. One of my oldest friends is coming to pick me up; he’s on the lookout for a new car. So I said I would come along and help him with that. The car is at a dealer in Västerås, about an hour away from Stockholm. It’ll be a mini kind of road trip; him and I have done several road trips over the years. Some of the pictures are on my Instagram, so go check them out!

Another great thing about this weekend is that it’s F1 again! F1 as in Formula 1. This time it’s in the states, at the great circuit in Austin Texas. So tomorrow I will be watching the heck out of that. Okay, time to go, I’ll be back, said The Terminator.

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