I’ll have two piles of rubbish

An action packed weekend to say the least. It started with me helping out my friend to check some cars that he was interested in. So he picked me up early Saturday morning, shortly after my last post. We headed out west to Västerås, about an hours drive from Stockholm to look at the first car of the day. It was in okay shape I guess, but then we asked to lift it to see what the underside looked like. And the whole gearbox was leaking. So, what “could have been” turned in to “goodness gracious no.”

Oh, by the way, apparently Kentucky Fried Chicken has opened in Västerås. It took a long time for it to come to Sweden. Now we have three restaurants here, with a fourth opening in Stockholm soon. And speaking of food, that’s what we did next. We ate some great Indian food when we got closer to Stockholm. After that it was time to look at the second car of the day. A beat up piece of rubbish. It wouldn’t even start at first, so we gave a quick test run (after the owner finally got it to start up) and said thanks but no thanks and left. So Saturday was adventurous. Sunday was a bit calmer; it started slow, and ended with tea and darts with two friends at a local restaurant slash pub slash whatever you call it. Actually, it’s around the corner from where I live but I have never been there, so it was a pleasant surprise. When I finally got home it was time for Formula 1, a great race with a few controversial moments. I won’t get in to that here, anyway, a good race. And suddenly it was Monday!

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