That day of the week

It’s almost Friday again, witch must mean that today is Thursday if I’m not mistaken. And we all know what that means? Well okay, I know anyway, and that means I was at the gym again. It was another good session with my personal trainer. I’m moving forwards and lifting heavier and heavier weights witch is good news. I have good legs, it’s always been my strong point, and I suspect it’s because of my drumming – keeping those pedals flying I suppose.

I got some more interesting news today at the office; I’ll be doing a very interesting report next week. I’ll get back to that obviously in the next couple of days so you can read about it. I can tell you this much: I have never done this before so it will be a super cool experience. Oh yeah, in the last post I also mentioned that we love to complain about the weather in Sweden. The colder it gets, the more important it is to switch tyres. So any day soon I’m going to have to put on the winter wheels on my car, something I honestly don’t look forward to doing. Not ever. Forever ever. But it has to be done. Hey, maybe I’ll let you do it!

Song of the day: Eric Saade – Sting

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