When nothing else will do

Sometimes you don’t need to travel that far to get something to eat that tastes amazing. Today I had that sushi kind of feeling, you know that feeling when nothing else will do. Not even ice cream. There is this sushi place about a three-minute walk from where I live; I just had to have some. So I popped in after getting an errand done and it was one of the best sushi dishes I’ve had. I ordered a vegetarian sushi, but I added two salmon pieces just to show how audacious I can be. And it was a slice of heaven. The avocado pieces melted in my mouth – how come I never find avocados that perfect? Life surely isn’t fair! But wow, good sushi makes for good Instagram pictures.

I was up early this morning, just like last Saturday. But today it was my turn to do some car business. So I made a few phone calls on a couple of cars. I’m looking for a new one, something that sticks out. Nothing boring please! Okay, it doesn’t need to stick out just for the sake of it, but I do want a good-looking car. My mind is heading in the Mini Cooper direction. Let’s wait and see. An Audi A3 wouldn’t be bad either, although I have had an A3 before so that makes it a little less exciting. I could go on for days about cars…

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