Oh so cold

Today is the day. I was given back my hour I gave away earlier this year. Daylight Savings or whatever you call it. Not all countries do it, but we do. So that means when I woke up this morning it was an hour earlier than is usually is. And it also means I will be tired one hour ahead of time tonight. I’m happy my phone keeps track of that because it’s an easy one to forget.

Also, snow fell today! It was so flipping cold all day. I went for a long walk and didn’t realize how cold it would be! It really is winter jacket time, and woolly hat time, and glove time, and even long john time. I even heard on the radio that we are expecting some really cold winters in Sweden the next coming years, or so the scientists say. One of them even said that it would be like the movie The Day After Tomorrow. No I’m just kidding, not that warm. Oh, also, as we speak I am making the tastiest Bolognese I have ever made.

Song of the day: Maren Morris – 80s Mercedes

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