The grand start

Here is why I like Mondays so much. To start with, it’s… well, a new start. It’s like a small New Year’s Eve, you get to feel renewed and energized. Alot of people I talk to usually have something heavy to say about the first day of the week. I learned early on to turn it around and tear out the positives of something generally seen as a drag. Your situation will never be better than your own attitude. And people who say they hate Mondays, they probably don’t even need a new job; they need a smack over their head. Sorry, I got wound up. They need to turn their frown upside down is what I meant to say. So, learn to see the positives!

Why can’t all days just be Mondays? Okay, we won’t push it! But starting new gives me so much energy, and waking up on a Monday is actually fantastic. And what a gift it is, to wake up to a new day and a new week! Today has been a good day so far; I had a good run at the gym, which gave me a lot of energy. I also had a look at a car today. You know I’m looking for a new one and today I checked out a Mini Cooper. A fun car that feels properly screwed together, but this one had a few problems too many for my liking. Pushing towards Tuesday now, I’m looking forward to it!

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