Some days truly stick out from the rest. Some days feel like they have more meaning I suppose. The trick, though, is to make each day count. I know that’s a cheesy one-liner from James Cameron’s Titanic. But it is true. Every day has it’s moments and we choose what to keep and not. Yesterday was one of those days that really stuck out; it started with me having a chance to ride in a helicopter. And not just any old helicopter. It was a military machine, a Black Hawk to be precise. The Swedish Armed Forces gave me the opportunity to ride along with one of their mechanics. It was a fantastic experience and one I’m hugely thankful for and will never forget! Checking off that bucket list.

After that amazing journey it was time to rush back to Stockholm to see a play with my sister in one of the leading roles. The play is called “Little Town Liars”, a Halloween story based in Louisiana in the 50’s. It’s up at Olympia Teatern in the middle of Stockholm. Go see it! It was a great day, but like I touched on at the top: make each day count. Be thankful for at least one thing every day. It will do wonders. Even the seemingly meaningless days have something to give you!


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