Get it done

This post came a little later then I would have wanted. It’s been a week with a lot of work, but at this very moment I’m on a break which gives some time to update! Still; it’s been a good one so far. Thursday on the other hand was one of the days that went from being a potential write-off to becoming a memorable one. For starters, I had my gym session as usual on Thursdays. It got me going and gave me a boost that afternoon after a kind of slow day initially. But one of the most interesting things was how everything just fell into place afterwards. The evening of that day turned it all around. And, I managed to destroy my phone. I say that lightly because that was another key point in making the remainder of the day very interesting.

That it broke wasn’t actually a problem. A few days prior I had got a new one, just waiting for me to install it. So, it was very interesting that I managed to break my old one the same day that I had already decided to set up my new one – and the reason for that was because I was leaving the country the day after. So, I needed it done. It acutally taught me a lesson: don’t be complacent. My new phone was bought almost a week before this happened, but I didn’t take the time to sort it out; other things were prioritized. Anyway, long story short, it was a very convenient incidence. And on top of that: I have never broken a phone before, not once! It was as though I was being told: sort your stuff out now and don’t wait! Greetings from Berlin by the way!

Song of the day: Berling – Take my breath away

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