New angle

This week is finally coming to a close – it’s been full on since Monday. At this very moment I’m in Denmark, waiting for my connecting flight back to Stockholm. My flight is slightly delayed so it gives me a little extra time to get a post done! Also, being creative is a good way to get some time to pass. Today was eventful, we ended this weekend’s conference with a tour of Berlin.

It started with sightseeing by Segway, and ended with us getting to drive through town in an old Trabant, we were split up into groups so we all could have a go at driving them. That was great fun; these old two-stroke cars were touchy but a lot of fun to have a go in. And very cool to drive them through Berlin of course. I’ve been to Berlin before a couple of times, but this was a different experience altogether; I got to experience the city in a new way and see parts that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise! And it truly is an arty place. Lovely!

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