The day finally came for me to have a go at hockey, in full hockey gear might I ad. It was one of those things you just can’t say no to. At least not me anyway. It happened the other day, together with a business partner at work. I was given the chance to visit the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin and try out some hockey together with the local heroes, the Berlin Polar Bears, or Eisbären Berlin in German. The town’s pride and joy.

Being Swedish hockey is obviously familiar, and I grew up watching The Ice Hockey World Championships. I remember the first time I had a look; it was 1998 and Sweden was unbeatable. It was the perfect way for me to be introduced to hockey. Anyway, I grew to like it but never got around to doing it myself. Apart from the occasional outing with school when I was around twelve.

And suddenly out of the blue: 20 years later the opportunity came – with Berlins top team, at their home arena! I couldn’t ask for more. Putting the gear on and getting on the ice was a memorable experience and I got into the swing of things pretty quick. I had so much fun playing hockey that evening that I can’t wait until I get to do more!

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