Let it be better

I always appreciate a change. Perhaps not at first each time, but doing something differently from occasion to occasion is good for your head. I still haven’t managed to find a new car yet; it’s out there but I’m waiting for the right one. In the meantime, I’ve had to adjust and use public transportation. *cue the dramatic music*

It’s not a problem really. In Sweden, it does actually work smoothly. Which reminds me, when it gets really cold and the snow finally falls, we’ll be complaining like there’s no tomorrow though. Then, all of a sudden the synchronized public transportation turns into everyone’s source of frustration. But I refuse to be a part of the complaining kind! If the train stands still and I can’t get to work, at least I’ll still be able to breathe. Unless the train is airtight and the oxygen runs out. Hasn’t happened yet.

Complainers and whiners are not for me, if you have something you’re not happy about, make a difference instead. Because, quite frankly, nobody gives a damn about your complaints! Rhett Butler surely doesn’t. And why do we like whining? Perhaps it’s an easy icebreaker; if you’ve nothing else to say, it’s always easy to start saying how crappy the weather is – instead of focusing on the good. Believe me, if you train your mind to see the good, your day will be a lot easier. And you will find that your old problems actually don’t mean a thing. Hey, you look nice today!

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