No time to slow down

This Saturday couldn’t come any sooner. It’s been a long week; actually it’s been a long two weeks. No break last weekend because I was abroad working! But in the end I don’t mind it, I like keeping busy! Today I’ll be going to an exhibition, for special types of foods. It should be interesting and hopefully I’ll get some inspiration for new dishes and other ways of thinking. I’ll be going with a friend who is sensitive to lactose and gluten, so he’ll be running around as though there is no tomorrow. I am slightly sensitive to lactose, so let’s see if they’ve got what it takes to impress me! And that is not an easy task!

The exhibition is not to far away; it’s in Stockholm so I won’t have to travel too far this time. A longer report will follow! Oh and by the way, F1 is on this weekend again. This time in Brazil! And before I forget, what are you thankful for today?

Song of the day: Raylee – Falling Awake

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