Two boxes of free love

The exhibition for special food wasn’t as big as I thought it would be. It was just one small hall, and we got there about an hour before closing time. However, there is a lot of gluten free food out there and it seems to be getting bigger. By the way, I’m not sensitive to it, my friend is though and he did run around as though tomorrow wouldn’t come – as I mentioned in my last post. As he was running around I had a stroll around the place, chatting with people at the different stands and trying some food here and there. The gluten free beer was interesting, and they told me they were coming out with an alcohol free version very soon; which is becoming more and more popular in Sweden.

There was pizza, cakes, sweets; you name it. I was even given two packs of cakes for free. Perhaps the lady at the stand felt sorry for me as I was wondering about looking for food to taste! Two packs of something we call “Kärleksmums” in Swedish. “Kärlek” means love, and “mums” means yummy. So I was literally given some yummy love. Basically chocolate cakes with chocolate frosting and coconut on the top. Nothing special as you can hear. Great together with some coffee.

Song of the day: Dami Im – The hunger

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