Like it or not

How much does a “like” cost? In this day and age, it’s the most valuable thing we have. We simply don’t hand out “likes”. The funny thing though is that they don’t actually cost us a thing, other than a slice of generosity. People treat their likes as if they were the last penny they will ever see in their entire life. Ever. I’m sure you all can relate. I certainly can.

On the other hand though, I am brought up to be generous. I have a tendency to give a little more than I get back. A blessing in some cases, and a curse in others. I am finding though that the older I get, the more I get fed up with people taking my positivity for granted – wow, the amount of likes I’ve handed out over the years just to spread a good vibe… If I was given a coin for every like I’ve given and not been given back, I would be standing on my balcony in Monaco this very second. I’ll just have to wait for that balcony a little longer. It’s fine though; I’m patient!

We probably all have that Facebook-friend, or Instagram-follower that just will not like anything you post. But yet they still follow you. Those people are called energy drainers. Let’s get rid of them one by one. Who’s with me? Can’t keep negative people in our circle!

Song of the day: Allie X – Never Enough

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