You have the power

What do we do to keep the everyday grind exciting? It’s so easy to fall into the nine to five Monday to Friday lifestyle. You can easily feel boxed in. And when winter arrives in Sweden (it hit us hard this week) it’s even easier to feel boxed in! The days feel so short and the evenings go on forever because the sun goes down before it even goes up in the morning! Or so it feels anyway. So how do you spice things up? And I’m not talking relationships here!

I have a couple of cool things that I picked up a few years ago. Number one: everyday when it’s time for bed, think of two things you are thankful for from today. Number two: try and think of something you look forward to tomorrow. It doesn’t have to be big things it can be anything. As long as you do it and make a habit of it. There are so many small things to be thankful for, so many small things we take for granted. And there is always something to look forward to tomorrow.

Keeping your mind active like that will help you get more out of your days, and weeks. Life will feel a lot more meaningful. People often ask me how I can stay positive; some people even think I’m just fooling around with my attitude towards life. Actually it’s not that hard. Put your mind to it and don’t let the little insignificant things rule your day! And maybe above all, keep your circle of friends positive!

Song of the day: Niall Horan – Slow hands

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