Out of time?

How has your week started? Mine has been okay. Apart from the miserable weather it’s been fine. At this very moment I’m on the bus on my way home from some friends. Something that has been on my mind lately is time. Why does it seem like we never have enough of it?

I think one main problem is time management – making the best use of the time we have. Not many of you know (well, none of you new readers) that I am a drummer. When I was younger I went to see a clinic, or master class, with one of the greats in the drumming world. His name is Billy Cobham. He said something that evening all those years ago (in between his jaw dropping drum soloing); and it didn’t necessarily have anything to do with drumming: “A day has only so many hours. Try not to waste them.” In the context of practice, and also time management as well I suppose. The words “a day has only so many hours” have stuck with me ever since. Brutally honest words might I add.

After seeing one of the most influential drummers on the planet that was one of the only things I remember. We are not invincible. Our hours are limited; we are all a limited edition! So let’s try and use the time we have, and put it to good use! A day has 24 of them; we sleep roughly 6-7 and probably work 8 or 9. That gives us about 8 to do “whatever we want” with. Don’t let them slip away because they wont come back. So, how have you made use of your time today?

Song of the day: Toto – Till the end

One thought on “Out of time?

  1. Great post! Absolutely all in for making the best of each day; but remember, time is a relative concept we invented ourselves to precisely manage and measure a plethora of other subjects, some even argue that the future and the past are simply our interpretations of movement; anyhow, love the spirit behind the post! Keep it up! x


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