Do it anyway

What is motivation? Is motivation even a real thing? Sometimes I would like to think it’s just an excuse to get something done; but if you aren’t motivated you won’t get it done anyway. So how do you get stuff done? The answer seems to be: just plain hard work.

The amount of times I’ve heard people say that they need motivation, or that they are waiting for motivation to finish a project. Do you know what that is? It is self-deception. “I need motivation” is a cool way of saying “I have no interest in getting this done at all.” Just imagine if our world spun because of motivation. We should all be very thankful it isn’t!

Getting stuff done is a matter of simply, well, getting stuff done. What get’s you up in the morning for instance? Work? Or the fact that you have a new day to wake up to? We don’t wake up for work because of motivation – we get up for work because of discipline. I know people who won’t even get up for work because of discipline. That’s another story though, and a story kept for someone else’s blog!

I had a discussion about this with one of my oldest friends. We spoke about shifting that same “waking up for work”-discipline into other areas in life. Just think of everything we would achieve! So, getting something done: is it by choice or by motivation? By choice has got to be the ultimate answer!

Song of the day: OneRepublic – Something I need

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