Naughty and nice

It’s time to light the first candle because it’s the first of advent! And I finally got my tree up as well. The only thing missing now is the snow! We had some snow the other week but now it’s all gone and it looks like spring is in the air. Maybe the weather forgot about winter this year and went from autumn straight to spring? Either that or the weather just gave us two days of snow and said: “Enough winter, I need to save my snow for a rainy day.”

All over Stockholm the churches are having their Christmas do’s. Big shows and small shows all over town to spread the Christmas message. I’m playing at one myself; a few classics are on the setlist together with some modern stuff. Christmas music is nice and the radio station we listen to at work plays nothing other than Christmas music. So I have finally accepted the fact that I am all Mariah Carey wants for Christmas. I’m also still trying to figure out what I did wrong because apparently, last Christmas I gave someone my heart but the very next day I gave it away. I’ll have to look through my Instagram-list and find out whom I’ve been naughty and nice to this past year. But anyhow, I am dreaming of a White Christmas.

So the countdown is finally here. It’s soon time to gather together, relax and pretend all the outside stress and nutty people (where is the nutcracker when you need it) we encounter here and there don’t exist! And I guess the side effect of Christmas is New Year’s. It is kind of alarming that 2018 is just weeks away – finally the 21st century is aloud to get it’s drivers licence. It should be a good one!

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