The whole country forgot

I think it’s gone about a month now since I started taking the bus to work. It has been a very interesting month actually. I sold my car and was looking for a new one but couldn’t find a suitable one, so I decided to try the commuter life for a while. There are several positives here: I am able to use my time more efficiently traveling, I’m physically more active (besides going to the gym), and it is a whole lot cheaper. And besides, the buses go all the time! Public transportation does work very well, for about 850 Swedish kronor (about 85-90 euros) you can travel all over Stockholm for a month. But when the snow has its comeback I might not be so positive anymore. I’ll keep you guys posted about that…

It has been a strange experience because I am a total car guy. I’ve been driving to and from work for at least ten years. But it was time to try something else. Driving can on the other hand also be the biggest drag on the planet since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Sitting in those cues on my way home from work were dull dull dull. And forget trying to Instagram or whatever – that takes eyes going in different directions to master while driving. Although I did try it, but it’s not worth the added stress. But it could help the boring cues, and an interesting “like” or a fun DM would make those boring journeys a touch more fun; kind of like every time you thought Batman v Superman was about to end.

So far so good, it’s working. But like every winter I’m sure the newspapers will start complaining that the buses and trains are running late again. The standard complaint is “Sweden seems to forget we have snow during the winter.” I have something to look forward to it seems.

Song of the day: Tinashe – Flame


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