Due South

I recently got back from an interesting trip. I travelled down south for the launch of a new Swedish car. It’s the iPhone of cars, a small electrical city car that is designed to revolutionise the way we think of an everyday vehicle. I won’t get into any details here but I’m sure you will hear about it. If you must see a picture of the car check out my Instagram.

The city of choice, well actually it wasn’t my choice – the city I had no choice but to go to, was Landskrona. Quick Swedish lesson: land means country or land, and krona means crown. So Landskrona can be translated to “land of the crown”, or perhaps “the lands crown”. It’s about as far south as you can come in this long and skinny country. The train took me there in roughly five hours, and it went relatively pain free. Actually the train down was about 15 minutes late, and the train home was almost an hour late. Like I touched on earlier in my blog, Sweden forgets how cold it gets here; we are just never prepared even though we’ve had trains in Sweden for 150 years. And I have no answer for when we invented snow, but I’m sure snow is older than trains. dav

On my home the trip was okay, not one of my best. I sat on the right side of the train, there is an aisle in the middle, and on the left side sat a gang middle-aged women. Why I mention them is because they seemed to be having the time of their lives – and remember it’s still around 8-9 in the morning! I think they had a little too much to drink for breakfast, and they certainly didn’t seem to mind that the train was late.

It was kind of hectic because thdave crew were running around helping out the passengers that had connecting trains or buses along the way. There was a lot of rearranging to do because of the delay. I’m glad I wasn’t part of that crew that day! And I was fine because I was traveling all the way to last stop, Stockholm. The only connection I was concerned about was the Wi-Fi on-board. But it didn’t fail me once so I can’t complain, but because of the cold and raw weather I got a cold – a saw throat and a headache. So now I’m having a warm cup of coffee to sooth the pain! I’ll be fine.

Song of the day: Jonny Lang – Stronger together


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