Little drummer boy

Is there a difference playing electric drums and real drums? The short answer is obviously yes. If you were looking for a long answer it would be yes as well. But to be honest with you it’s not that bad, even though part of being a musician is shaping your own sound with your instrument. And even if you don’t want your own sound, you will have your own sound anyway – and there are so many factors to that: the way you hit the drum, when you hit the drum, even why you hit the drum.

The only way to translate all of that accurately is with an acoustic instrument, because it won’t switch all of the information coming from your body into electrical signals. davBut before you fall asleep I’ll get to the point. The accuracy in electric drums is getting closer. It’s almost satisfying going through practice routines on my electric drum kit these days.

It doesn’t give you the perfect touch, feel or feedback as real drums do, but you can still work on technique and coordination. So electric drums truly have their place, and I’m noticing drummers all over town (figure of speech) starting to get into it. Not sure if it ever will be perfect, but it is getting close. And it doesn’t disturb your neighbours as much either!

Song of the day: Simon Phillips – Protocol

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