One two three four!

The days just fly, it’s already Wednesday evening. And what’s evening stranger (things) is that it’s Christmas Eve on Sunday. Last weekend I had a gig with my sisters band, Blonde Plutoz. We played at a charity event called Sollentunahjälpen, which was part of a bigger national charity event called Musikhjälpen. It translates to “music aid”. It was a lot of fun being a part of that and Sollentuna is the area where I grew up in Sweden, after we moved here from England. So I’m always at home whenever I am in Sollentuna. It’s also where I’ll be spending Christmas this year. So that’s where you can send your presents.


But it was a great evening playing. A lot of old faces were there so I had a chat with some of them. Even the drummer from the 80s rock band Europe was there, hosting a podcast. He’s a semi non-celebrity in Sweden, and also being a drummer myself I still didn’t really care. If Europe doesn’t ring any bells maybe the song “The Final Countdown” will. Otherwise youtube it, if you still haven’t heard of them I will pray for you.

Song of the day: DC Talk – In The Light


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