That’s no moon

It’s the in-between days now in Sweden, the days after Christmas but before New Year’s Eve. They are workdays but it’s super slow, and it seems like everyone is sick as well. Me included – a slight cold with a side order of extra large headache.

A funny phenomenon is the sale that starts in Sweden after Christmas, it’s called mellandagsrea, which means in-between days sale. You would think that Christmas is a time to relax but no, if there’s money to be made they will do whatever they can to make that money. Who are “they”, you ask. Well, “they” are obviously the First Order. Sorry, too much Star Wars right now. Force me to stop.

Guess when the sale starts? It starts like seven in the morning on Christmas Day! It’s been like that the last few years. Christmas Eve is the main day in Sweden, but Christmas Day and Boxing Day are still bank holidays, but not in retail. It’s pretty nuts actually how crazy it gets. People will queue all night just to get a new TV with a slight discount. And the discount is like two kronor anyway… People see the sale signs and think there’s money to be saved, and end up buying something they never needed in the first place. Like a fourth toaster, or a handheld vacuum cleaner “just in case”. During a sale it’s easy to loose yourself and go shopping for Alderaan reasons. Sorry, that one was too obvious.

And it probably isn’t going to get better, the shopping will escalate and we will keep consuming. The throw-away society is getting worse. That attitude is making its way into all areas of our everyday lives – we treat each other with the same mentality these days. We treat each other the same way we watch TV: boring, change the channel Marge! I think Yoda pretty much summed it up: Do. Or do not. There is no try.

It’s getting late here, I better get ready for bed. But before I do that I’ll probably search the net for a new work desk for home – I’m tired of my old one.

Song of the day: Rascal Flatts – Life Is A Highway

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