Haven’t brushed my teeth since last year

We made it, we got to the other side unharmed. It’s 2018 and I realised I haven’t written anything here since last year. That joke never seems to get old. Okay maybe it does.

I am so tired you wouldn’t believe – I can’t remember feeling this tired before! And last night was a peaceful night; I guess too little sleep will destroy you. The famous last words.

It’s back to work tomorrow and reality starts for real. A new year and new possibilities. I am excited to get going but right now I’m just so exhausted I can barely remember what I’m doing right this second. If you are sitting there thinking, ‘he’s hung-over’, I must disappoint you – I didn’t have a drop of alcohol last night. I think it’s the last push at the end of last year that got me really bad. I have chills and they are multiplying but not in the way John Travolta meant in the 70s. I just hope I’m tired and not getting sick. I’ve been sick enough. If I do get sick again then it’s safe to say I will be sick and tired.

I hope all of you had I great New Year’s Eve and managed to keep yourselves under control. We had terrible weather by the way; it was raining and cold! On the plus side it probably saved people from getting hurt by stray fireworks. And I wonder when the snow will return? Hopefully soon. Otherwise I’m up for some heat and flip-flop weather – where do I escape to? Have a great New Year’s Day wherever you are in the world!

Song of the day: The Beatles – Ticket to ride

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