The good exhaustion

It’s hard to believe that half of this working week has already passed. It feels like I was just waking up on Saturday and now it’s almost time for bed heading for Wednesday.

I had a great weekend though, a fun Saturday and an even better Sunday. I spent all of Sunday in Uppsala with the nicest company. Uppsala is about 45 minutes by car north of Stockholm. Anyway, it’s nice for a change not being in Stockholm all the time!

I also had my first gym session of the week today. As you may know, if you are an avid follower of my blog (which obviously you are), I train with a personal trainer, and have done so for almost half a year. It’s a good kick in the bum and a good way to learn what your body needs. She’s beating the honest crap out of me – and I need that beating! I’m relatively new to training so this is good for me, and I like seeing the progress. I am still slightly sick however, ‘about 98 per cent of full capacity,’ I told my trainer. I went for it anyway but I was exhausted… The picture for this post is taken just minutes after the session, my face expression says it all.

On Sunday it’s time to leave Sweden again briefly. I’m going to Spain. I honestly can’t wait, I need a small getaway and what better way to get away than with good friends? It’s one of my closest friends, he asked me a while back and I couldn’t refuse. I was there twelve years ago (wow that shook me just thinking about how many years have past). Back than I was there in the middle of summer though, with the same company, plus another of my closest friends. It was part of a euro trip me and the other friend did, our first of three.

But first: a few more days of work to manage in the best way possible. It’s not a major problem, on the contrary, because I rather enjoy what I do!

Song of the day: Kent – Sundance kid

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