Two for you

I’m coming to the end of my latest book, and I don’t know what to do with myself. Not even a cup of Earl Grey can help me this time. Pun intended. I have a few other books in my bookshelf that I haven’t read yet, but there probably is a reason I haven’t read them yet. Enough said for now.

The book I’m almost done with is Nigel Mansell’s autobiography. It’s been a fascinating adventure specially because he was my racing hero when I was a kid. I have so many memories connected to that dude. The biggest memories I have of him are when he drove for Ferrari – and that’s a long time ago now…

I’ll share a couple of memories. One is a painful memory, not emotionally but physically. I was probably about five years old. I was at home. By the way, where else would I have been at the age of five? Some how I managed to get a deep splinter in my finger from the dinner table at the time; this piece of wood felt like it was a centimetre wide, stuck under my fingernail!

I remember looking at this piece of wood in horror; it felt like an ice-cream stick shining through the nail on my finger. The pain was awful and my dear mum was doing her best to comfort me, waiting for dad to rush home from work to get me to hospital. Meanwhile, a Formula 1 race was on TV, I could probably figure out roughly what race it was if I really tried. It must have been 1989. I remember watching those racing cars buzz past, and specially the red Ferrari of Nigel Mansell. Every time his car was in shot, my mum would say, ‘that’s your dad on his way home!’ And it put a smile on my face in the midst of it all.

It ended well, my dad got home as quick as Nigel Mansell and we hurried off to the hospital where they pulled the splinter out from under my nail. Today there is no trace of the splinter.

Another memory is watching a TV-show, a documentary about Nigel Mansell’s first year in IndyCar. For those of you who don’t know, IndyCar is basically America’s equivalent of Formula 1. This would have been 1993. The show was on really late at night so we taped it and I would get up before school to watch it (I’ve always had this thing for getting up early, call it “seize the day” or some other kind of pretentious nonsense!).

There you have it, some memories that shaped me. And finally I got to read his interesting autobiography. There are only a few pages left, I better quickly get a hold of some more stuff to read! Otherwise those bus rides back and forth from work are going to be even more fun.

Song of the day: Toto – Holy war

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