The Spaniard

A few days on my trip have now passed – time really does fly. I’m here with an old friend, whom I’ve travelled with a lot in the past. It’s been a few years since we travelled together, the opportunity suddenly came so I thought it would be fun to tag along and get away for a few days. I left the snow in Sweden for blue skies in southern Spain.

Right now, I’m at the house we are staying at, sitting with the laptop on the top of my lap thinking about the past days here! It’s been a good day today with an outing to Bateria de Castillitos, which is kind of a fortress with two huge guns built to protect the bay from enemy ships entering and attacking Cartagena. To give you a rough idea of the size: the barrels of the guns are each 17 meters long. And it’s all on the top of a mountain with an amazing view all around.


One bizarre thing is the light here. In Sweden at this time of year it gets dark really early, around three in the afternoon. And here the sun is up for at least three more hours, and, the other thing is, it’s strange to experience summerish weather in January. I usually always travel to hot places around June-July; this is screwing up my head.

The last time I was in Spain was 2006 as a part of my first Europe trip. We were down here in Torrevieja as well, and one strong memory was this go-kart track. I even spent my birthday down here in 2006. And obviously, we went go-karting. I hadn’t started my own karting “career” back then, so I was not as quick as I wanted to be. One of the strongest memories I have is being hit in the side by some nutcase racing too hard. It knocked the wind out of me and it was pretty painful! So I look forward to getting back on that same track now twelve years later to show who’s boss!

Oh by the way, I had a not so tasty hamburger yesterday at Zeniamar Centro Comercial, which is one of the biggest shopping malls in the south of Spain. The service was awful and it took a long for them to get the food out. The “hamburger joint” had a Hollywood kind of theme; all they had though was a poster of Spiderman and some other unknown movie. They didn’t even play movie music! Don’t know what they were up to…

Song of the day: Justin Bieber – Been You

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