Off to the mountains?

The cold weather finally came. February came in a flash, and 2018 is already almost up to lightning speed. A twelfth of the year is gone and done! But back to the cold, the snow is here and it finally feels like we might have a proper winter after all.

A positive with the snow is that it lights up the dark mornings and evenings, it’s a bit more cosy. And maybe the best thing is it’s time for skiing. I haven’t been skiing for a few years so it’s about time. I bought some skis about four years back and I’ve only used them two or three times! Prior to that I hadn’t been skiing for probably 15 years! So I really need to “hit the slopes again”.

I got into skiing through a friend of mine. He was a good skier. When I was ten I joined them on a skiing trip up north. The word everyone uses in Sweden is “fjällen”. It means mountains. If you use the word during the cold season everyone knows you are going skiing, you just can’t be mistaken. In Sweden there’s even a song called “Vi drar till fjällen”, which means, “we are off to the mountains”. And the music video has a ski-theme. If you use the word during the summer people will think you are going hiking. The artist that sings “Vi drar till fjällen” is called Markoolio – your typicle not–so–serious performer. His music is mainly played on graduation parties and après-ski, or after ski, as we say in Sweden.

Anyway enough about Markoolio and more about the important things in life like my skiing adventures! That skiing trip with my childhood friend got me hooked, and his poor mother didn’t get the chance to go skiing much herself, because she spent hours trying to teach me how to ski! I finally got the hang of it (slightly) and could have a go “for real”.

Later, I even started doing ski jumping. You know, when you ski down a ridiculously steep slope and go flying down another ridiculously steep slope. I did it for two seasons. I must have been eleven years old. The sad thing is I can’t find any pictures from that time. But it was a lot of fun and a great experience. Not sure I would do it these days though; I would rather get back into safer hobbies, like motor racing.

Song of the day: Jessie James Decker – Open all night

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