It’s a car and a band

I finally did it, now it’s time to take over the world. I’m a dreamer. And I’m not the only one. Sorry, I didn’t mean to partially quote John Lennon. I never really liked him much anyway, apart from his cool first name. And sure, he did write/co-write some songs in some band that did some stuff back in a time.

Actually, the best song by The Beatles is “Here comes the sun”, and George Harrison wrote that one. I don’t know how this post suddenly became an instant Beatles tribute-post, but that’s how it goes sometimes! “Help!” is a good one too, a co-write by John Lennon.

I’ve always had a difficult relationship with The Beatles. Some of there stuff is amazing; I am very picky when it comes to this particular band. There are a few bands you need to learn to like. The Beatles is one. Queen was another. On the other hand I have learned to love Queen; I haven’t yet learned to love The Beatles. But I do like some of there stuff a lot.

I learned to listen to Queen around 2012. Prior to that I was hoping I would have a Queen-period. It never came. Until I saw a documentary on TV. It suddenly turned everything around and my long anticipated Queen-period finally came. A kind of magic, kind of like some kind of kind bohemian rhapsody…

Back to The Beatles. I started listening to them when I went travelling in 2006. It was my first road trip through Europe. With my childhood friend Johannes – he’s getting married in May by the way. It wasn’t my intention to rhyme, it just happened. And he was always a Belieber. Sorry, wrong artist. I mean he has always liked The Beatles. And on a road trip you obviously need music.

So he brought Beatles-stuff for us to listen to. It opened my eyes, or probably my ears to be totally unhonest with you, and now I’m able to have my own opinion about the band that shaped pop history. And say what you will, Ringo Starr may be a crap drummer. But, without him, drumming would have a different touch today. Okay now I’ve mentioned all of the The Beatles except Paul McCartney. There, now I’ve mentioned them all.

What I meant to say was that I finally got my camera and it’s a beast! Soon I will be on my quest to take over Youtube and break the Internet in the process. Don’t forget my Instagram: johnstagramm

Song of the day: Velvet – The Queen

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