It’s necessary business

Work. What is work? Is it simply keeping busy? Or is it something you do to be able to pay rent? My perception of work has changed the older I’ve become.

When I was younger, in my late teens, work was purely a chore. It was something I did to be able to do stuff on my spare time. I got my first proper job when I was 14 I think. I had “jobs” when I was younger, the standard stuff, like doing paper rounds and things like that. But my first real job was when I was 14, at the sweet shop in a shopping centre in Sollentuna – a suburb of Stockholm.

I got it because a classmate and I, his name is Gino, did a couple of weeks work-practise at this particular sweet shop. It’s a subject we had at school where you do around two weeks of work at a “real workplace”. The shop is a chain, it’s called JamJam. In Sweden jamjam is pronounced yamyam and is actually a sound, expressing that something is tasty. JamJam became a big part of me, my friends even called me JamJam for a while.

So we were there for a couple of weeks. I was actually dreading every day of it, but somehow I still managed to get a job there. I worked at JamJam until I was 18 I think, making friends with people across the shopping centre I’m still in touch with today. The closest one is a guy called Ronny; he works as a court guard these days. A great guy. I also had this mad crush on a girl who worked in the toy store next to JamJam. She was amazing, she looked a bit like Kelly from “Saved by the Bell”, and I don’t know anybody who didn’t have a crush on Kelly! It was really quite awkward at one period. We became friends and sadly nothing else. One of life’s lessons. Tragically though, she was killed a few years ago. I think it’s ten years now. It was an awful story with a jealous boyfriend. He took his own life afterwards. It’s the kind of stuff you read about or see on TV; you never think it would happen for real.

I had a few good years at JamJam. So much happened, I even managed to crash my then bosses car – and I didn’t have a drivers licence. The fact I got out of that situation with very little trouble is a miracle in itself.

In those days work was just work. A lot of my money was spent on buying drums and drum gear. I still buy drum gear occasionally. Three drum kits later and an ocean of cymbals is enough to last me a few more years still! To tie it together though, it’s about figuring out what you want to do with your time. If you are blessed enough to make a living on your interest or passion, you are in a very fortunate situation. Suddenly work isn’t as much of a chore anymore. My advice today is: keep pushing for what you want to do – you will get there if you want it enough.

Song of the day: The Rocket Summer – The rescuing type


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