Adapting and planning

Today was one of those days where everything just felt kind of “light”. Some days just work. I got up and felt fresh, had breakfast but was out of eggs. Potential disaster but I got through it. I kept my head cool, the good mood going, and had my first breakfast at home.

When I got to work I had breakfast – part two. I walked over to the food shop just over the street from the office and got a pack of eggs. It’s part of my breakfast routine to eat two eggs for breakfast along with muesli and yoghurt. The muesli part I got done before I left, so I only had the eggs left. I even got some juice with orange, apple, ginger and something else in it. So my breakfast was great.

Work was good and so was lunch. And as usual on Thursdays I have my personal trainer session, and I was ready to go. Great session by the way, oh and next week will be my last session with her. After that I’m on my own. It’s her birthday today too and I didn’t get her anything, and she told me her other clients did! I felt slightly stupid, but then I told her my present was letting her train me.

But it’s been a good day and now I’m doing laundry – the perfect way to end a good day… It’s got to be done though. And tomorrow will be Christmas for me; I’ll be getting a lens for my new camera so I can get going with my Youtubing. I’m sure I’ll be telling you more about that! If you’re unlucky enough I might even show you!

Yesterday was another cool day too, I had coffee, or “fika”, as we say in Sweden, with two of my oldest friends. I forgot to take a picture. Actually I thought of it but forgot in the end. Anyway, I had “fika” with Daniel and Alex. Daniel and I will be hosting our friend Johannes’ wedding in May, so we did some practical planning – who does what and who doesn’t do what. A wedding takes a lot of planning – and I’m not even the one getting married! And who is what by the way?

And in the midst of it all, an interesting spring is on its way. Surprised still by how quick time flies! But let’s keep our projects going and keep pushing for growth!

Song of the day: Maroon 5 – How

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