It’s never that bad

Today was one of those days that kind of just rained away. The weather is as bad as it can be; it’s kind of half snowing and raining and it’s just wet and cold. I still managed to get to work on time and kept the everyday grind going. But it’s days like these that remind you that there are countries where the sun shines a lot more! In all honesty, I’m not the one to complain about the weather because it’s not like we can’t handle it in our safe country. It can never be that bad, especially not in Sweden. If you do complain about the weather in a country where weather truly isn’t a problem (like Sweden), then you need to get something better to complain about.

The new book I’m reading is “George Lucas: A life”. It’s about his life (obviously) and his contribution to the movie business and pop culture. And he’s as American as they come – born and raised in sunny California. As I do my daily commute I’m able to read his story and escape to California for a short while, and it actually helps! It is pretty fascinating reading about the early ideas for Star Wars, and how he got his big break with a movie called American Graffiti. The book is slightly over-detailed though, so some of the bits my eyes only see but my brain is thinking of what to eat for lunch at work tomorrow.

Song of the day: Rihanna – Umbrella



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