One more hour of light

This weekend is actually almost as good as Christmas Eve. Why? Because one of my favourite sports, Formula One, gets going after a long winter break! It’s one of the only sports I watch, and I’ve seen just about every race since 2004! So, tomorrow morning will be an early one because the first race is in Australia and in Sweden that means it will be at 07.00 in the morning!

And just for extra added excitement, daylights savings is tomorrow, so we turn the clocks one hour forwards. Thankfully, smartphones are clued-up to adjust automatically. I won’t be missing the race in other words.

Easter is also around the corner, and that always means a few extra days off from work. It’s been a hectic period the last couple of months so I’m looking forward to having some days where I can get on with my own stuff. And one of the best things right now is the fact that it’s starting to feel like spring. Dry tarmac and light evenings is a wonderful feeling, and also, with the daylight savings, the evenings will be even lighter. Thumbs up for that!

Song of the day: Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound

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