Holy weekend for holey teeth

This weekend is the weekend us Swedes eat the most sweets all year. It’s a good period for the sweet shops and it probably also leads to a lot of phone calls to the dentist. I’ve never been a big sweet eater though. I prefer cakes and stuff like that, with a cup of coffee.

Easter is the sweet holiday of the year, even bigger than Christmas. Easter also means better weather is on the way. Turning the clocks forward an hour last week made a big difference as well; the evenings are suddenly light again. But it’s still been super cold even though it feels like spring is just around the corner. Also, it’s not unusual to have some extra snow in late April, or even early May. We never get used to it, and forget that the snow always has an extra surprise for us. But for now the springy kind of weather is here!

It’s Good Friday today, a bank holiday in Sweden, just as a lot of other places around the world! I googled Good Friday to try and add something interesting to this post, and it said that in Germany they are not aloud to dance or go horse racing on Good Friday. Poor them. I’ll have to leave my ballet shoes and race horse in the cupboard. Again.

But the extra days off are good, and needed! I’ve been so tired lately, but still, I can’t sit still so I wont be doing too much resting anyway! I’ll also try and celebrate Easter with family. And also I’ve got some wedding planning to get on with – one of my closest friends is getting married in two months, and I’m hosting the reception with another friend. Resting is obviously overrated.

Song of the day: Salem Al Fakir – Good song

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