Overnight star

I’m right in the middle of eating breakfast; I’m boiling some eggs and just had a bowl of muesli. The extra days off during Easter have been good but still not much time for rest. Today, on Easter Monday, I’m off to have a meeting with my friend who is getting married. Him, his fiancé and I are heading to Uppsala to meet up another friend to try and plan this monster! So in a couple of hours they will be picking me up and we’ll have a mini road trip up north.

And speaking of boiling eggs, they were slightly undercooked; just the way I don’t like it. Life is cruel sometimes.

I’m not really a sports kind of guy. Unless it comes to motorsports. But here are two stories (not about motorsports) that stuck out. I read in the news the other day about a hockey player who was basically thrown into a game – and saved the day! He is an emergency backup goaltender for the NHL team Chicago Blackhawks. He was quickly called in, signed an amateur tryout contract, and guess what? He became an instant star, helping his team win the match. And he is an accountant otherwise! I like those kinds of stories. His name is Scott Foster; ask Mr Gog if you want to read more.

The other story is the one no Swedes can avoid: Zlatan in Los Angeles. He recently signed for LA Galaxy, and had success in his first game. He helped his team turn 0-3 to 4-3 in the end. His promo video for LA Galaxy is great too, it’s basically him looking cool and saying a bunch of stuff in the camera. This is my favourite: “LA Galaxy, welcome to Zlatan.”

Love it.

A lot of sports on this post, I surprise even myself sometimes.

Song of the day: Raylee – Falling awake



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