Frozen in time

My photo challenge on Instagram has been interesting and even more challenging than I would have expected. Today is the seventh day; I’ll be posting a picture later on. And I’ve already learnt a lot about photography and about my camera.


I’ve always somehow been interested in photography; I come from a film geek family! At home, growing up, we would always watch old classic movies, or go to see the latest Disney film at the cinema. Walt Disney was an uncle to me growing up! And Steven Spielberg was a household name. When I was really young, I thought Harrison Ford, Jeff Bridges and Richard Gere were all the same person! I was even convinced that Charles Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie was my dad…


Taking pictures and seeing interesting images has been a part of what was “normal”. We would snap away all the time at home, and with dad working at Kodak, it didn’t make things easier! When I was around 14-15, I would do a lot of filming with a friend of mine called Joshua, he lives in the states now making movies for a living! We had a lot of fun.


I like the technical side of photography and filmmaking, but I like attention a little too much so I would rather be in front of the camera, rather than behind! But, I still like taking a good picture, and I jut got a beast of camera to be able to do that at a higher level – it’s also a good tool when I’m out doing my journalist work. So, I found this photo challenge on Pinterest, basically 30 pictures in 30 days with a new challenge everyday. It’s difficult and a real commitment, but as I mentioned, just after six days I’ve learnt so much. I’m posting them on Instagram, so check them at @johnstramm

The shots attached here on this post are some of the outtakes, they are cool too but there can only be one winner each day!

Song of the day: MDSN – Kerosene

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