Important pieces of wood

I’m basically midway through my photo challenge. The past two weeks I’ve been uploading an image daily on my Instagram account, with a new photo challenge every day. I decided to continue the challenge from Day 13 onwards here on my blog. The two shots here are Day 13 and 14, “Cannot live without”, and “Silhouette”.

I like this photo challenge because it’s forced me to be creative with my camera. It’s not easy but is a lot of fun. Taking a silhouette photo was difficult, I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted it too look. And because I’m not after any photo awards, I’ve been focusing on just getting the task done. The silhouette photo was done against a window – the obvious choice! And the other one, the thing I can’t live without, was technically not difficult; it was more a matter of trying to figure out what I can’t be without!


Another obvious choice was something to do with drumming. Tragic I know, but true. I’ve been drumming most of my life, and it’s actually one of the things I do best – even though my fulltime job is writing. I chose to take a picture with drumsticks; if I don’t have a pair of drumsticks around something’s just not right. I feel it in my whole body!

Hope you enjoy the chosen pictures and you’re welcome to see upcoming photo challenges. Upcoming challenges are “Eyes” and “A good habit”. Check out my other pictures on my IG-account @johnstagramm

Song of the day: Fickle Friends – Swim

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