Three more

Three more days of my photo challenge have past. The challenges were “A good habit”, “Technology” and “Eyes”. It’s difficult because it’s so wide – the challenges can be interpreted in so many ways. For “A good habit” I chose to take a picture of a watch, representing time (well yeah). I like time and I also like getting up early. So a picture of a watch felt like a good idea for the challenge.


Moving over to “Technology”, it was even tougher. Where do we see technology today? What is technology? I have a tin robot on my shelf so that had to be the one. That shot became very arty and bright. It is what it is.


And for “Eyes” I was thinking of taking a picture the tin robots eyes, but I can’t get close enough with my lens to make it look interesting. So I needed something bigger, so I chose myself! Killer look don’t you think? Which reminds me, my laundry is almost done…

Song of the day: Céser Sampson – Nobody but You

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