Finally there

I finally got my photo challenge done. It’s been a mega project, and one I won’t be doing again for a long time – if ever! I’ve learnt so much but it has in all honesty stressed the heck out of me… And frankly I’m glad I’m done now! Here are my final shots, I like them and some are from a work trip I took to Germany last week. The challenges were: Inspirational, Patterns, Strangers and Flowers.


Since I got rid of my car in the autumn I’ve been able to use my commuting time more effectively. I read a lot now, so I took a picture of books for the Inspirational-challenge. As for Patterns, outside of the hotel I stayed at in Germany, there was a lorry parked on the square outside, up by the wall. It stuck out and I thought it would be a good picture. I already posted it on my Instagram, so you may have seen it.


Taking a picture of strangers is not easy. At the airport in Munich there were some cool surroundings, and I managed to get a picture of strangers with the airport-backdrop. It looks sci-fi and pretty cool. If you recognize yourself I will be very surprised. And getting pictures of flowers is not very difficult – there are flowers everywhere! But I chose to take a picture of a coffee mug with a pattern of flowers on. Interpretation is what it’s all about isn’t it?


Hope you enjoyed them and thanks for baring with me!

Song of the day: Swedish House Mafia – One

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