All over the place

May has been a hectic month. There’s been a lot of stuff outside work, mostly getting prepared for my friends wedding. I was also hit with a stomach bug over a week ago that made me super poorly.

One of the great things though with May this year is that it’s so hot. It’s one of the hottest Mays in years apparently. This time last year I was in Thailand doing my pageant-nonsense! It made that whole summer feel a lot longer. Actually I think I flew home on this day one year ago. And the weather there was great. But that’s a year ago now so it’s irrelevant!


I did some sunbathing earlier today for the first time this year. I brought a book and some music with me so I wouldn’t get too restless. However, I think I managed to slightly burn my shoulders – you think the sun isn’t super strong right now but it is! I’m sure I’ll feel them tomorrow, or tonight when I go to bed. I also felt like having an extra breakfast down at the local McDonalds. It wasn’t all that bad, an Egg McMuffin, a juice and a Kaffe Latte, which is the Swedish version of café au lait. Coffee with a lot of milk basically. I don’t do the black coffee nonsense. As far I see it is that black coffee is for people who don’t dare try something else! Black coffee tastes like crap (no I haven’t tasted crap). It needs milk and that’s it! I don’t usually do that, but today felt like a good day for a breakfast out!


In the midst of everything else going on, it’s been good for my head to have my focus elsewhere. One of my downsides is that I can be very restless – I try to be as efficient as I can. So I think this wedding coming up has been good for my head, as well as me getting sick. Don’t get me wrong, it was horrible having a stomach bug, but it forced me to prioritise those days on work instead – and nothing else. And the wedding planning has also forced me to cut off the excess and get on with the important. It’s been good, and I’ve needed it to be able to wind down!

As it’s been a while since I updated I just had to get out some words and thoughts. This post may be a little all over the place and nowhere at the same time. But I needed it! Until next time: use sunscreen.

Song of the day: Avicii – Talk to myself


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