Hands off

I realise I haven’t written an update on how the commuter life is going. I can say this: I have seen and been through it all now. I was super optimistic about six months ago, and sure it’s okay but it’s not all rosy. Just a while ago I was on the bus getting back from doing some food shopping and the bus driver got on the wrong motorway exit! So we took a long way around to get back. That’s not the first time. Sometimes I wonder what’s going through the heads of some bus drivers. My goodness, I’m sure many of them would like to be doing something else; their heads are in space.


But the all time low moment was when a stranger tried to touch me in a private place. This happened about two months ago. I sat down and the bus was kind of full, it was the morning bus on my way to work. This questionable dude sits next to me. I notice he sits close and leans his leg against mine. I was thinking that he wanted space, but I wanted space too, so I pushed my leg back against his! It’s all psychological warfare… or so I thought. I would later realise he liked me pushing my leg against his, taking my space. Suddenly I feel his hand on my thigh; it was so sneaky and slow that I didn’t react at first. Meanwhile my shoulder bag is resting on my lap. I start to feel really uncomfortable now because he’s leaning his body against mine. I lift up my bag to see what he’s after, and see his hand centimetres away from grabbing me between my legs. Infuriated and disgusted I pick up his hand and throw it away from me, and give him a look of disgust. He looks back at me with shame in his eyes and gets off the bus on the next stop. Just thinking about it makes me crawl and shiver; I don’t think I will forget the eerie look he gave me.

In a way you could say I’ve had it with using public transportation. On the other hand, if I only try to see the positives, it’s a good way of getting outdoors and getting some extra exercise. I’m not in the mood for getting a car yet, for different reasons. A car just isn’t the right thing now. As long as I can get on the bus without anybody touching me I’m fine! Or am I asking for too much?

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