Turning into an ice cream

You know the feeling when you get off a plane in a hot country and get hit by the heat? That’s what it’s like in Sweden right now. It’s just amazing. Like I wrote in my last post (I think I did anyway but I can’t be bothered to check now if I did) it’s been the hottest May in the history of Sweden, or at least since Sweden started making records of temperatures and the weather.


Actually, today “was a bit cloudy” though, and I say that in the same way as I would say “oh dear my Ferrari has some dirt on one of its wheels.” It’s been years since we had a great summer here. The last time we had a mega summer was in 1994. I was ten and we just moved back to Sweden from England. Sweden also took the bronze medal in the football world cup that year – it was a big deal for swedes. This year’s world cup is around the corner and a bronze for Sweden is not likely this time. But I would love to be proven wrong!

I had another nightmare bus experience the other day. Okay, not really as bad as the nightmare I mentioned in my last post – not even close. I was on my way home from work and got on the second bus, and it was boiling. It was so hot. I was wondering if it was just me. I looked around and saw everyone else starting to fall asleep (fainting) as well… The heat was intense and beads of sweat started running down my forehead, I started melting like an ice cream. After a while it felt like I was having a shower on my seat. I almost asked if I could borrow some shampoo. I put my hand on the radiators to see if they were hot, and they were burning. Perhaps the bus driver wanted us all to feel what it feels like to be Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Song of the day: Eric Prydz – Call on me

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