Thanks, I’m good

Would you eat chocolate that is 103 years old? I’m usually not that sensitive when it comes to food that has gone past its best before end date. A day or so past its last date is usually fine. I did however eat fish a couple of weeks ago that sent me to hospital for the day, it wasn’t old though, it was just undercooked. I’m never eating fish sticks again.

I read in the paper the other day about some really old chocolate bars found in a collection of war belongings of an old British soldier. A tin full of uneaten chocolate in an army survival kit apparently. The kit is part of a collection with all kinds of old stuff. The collection is supposed to be sold on auction and they are expecting around 20 000 kronor for it, somewhere around 2 000 euros. If you have enough money and have nothing worse to spend it on, go ahead; get some chocolate you can’t eat.

The massive heat wave has waved goodbye to Sweden for a few days. We’ve been blessed with around 30 degrees centigrade for what feels like a month. And yesterday, when I was on my way to do some drumming at a graduation party, I was wondering why I was freezing so much… And it struck me that it was suddenly only ten degrees. Today is the same! But we are expecting the heat to come back; the sudden colder temperatures are only temporary. Thanks Superman. Which reminds me that I went to see Deadpool 2 yesterday night with my old buddy. I’m surprised at how okay it was. It started too violently though, and I was about to get out of my seat and leave the cinema, but in the end it surprised me with a sweet message. Another thing with the film is that it makes fun of the whole movie business in the midst of it’s own story; we are living in an interesting time, a reflective time it seems, where we question everything! It is sad though how far entertainment has come today; everything has to be so graphic and rough. What’s next?

Song of the day: Dream Theater – Take the time

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