The Americas

It’s 05.41 in the morning. My body thinks it’s 11.41 am – because that’s the time in Sweden. I landed in Toronto about twelve hours ago. The first thing that struck me flying in was that it looks kind of flat! And this country is so big. It’s the first part of my North America trip. I’ll be working my way down from Canada to America eventually. If time doesn’t fly away and I get an opportunity, I’ll pass through Mexico as well.

I’m used to traveling although not on my own like this. I travel a lot for work by myself, but that is another thing altogether; on those occasions you know what you need to do. I’ve also done a few Europe trips with my childhood friend, but now I’ve got to get up to speed on my own, and it’s a bit scary. It should be fine. I’ve been around in the USA twice but never Canada, and it’s a country that has always fascinated me. So it’s fun to finally get here. And America; well, my brother was born there. And I was made there. Sorry Mum and Dad for being so graphic!

The hotel I’m staying at is not far from Toronto Pearson International Airport. I’ll be staying here tonight as well before heading downtown. Hotel breakfast is in three hours and I can’t sleep anymore so I guess I’ll head out for a walk. And as I mentioned, it’s hot. When I landed it was 35 °C. Didn’t expect it being that hot.


Oh yeah, my flight was fine. I landed in Iceland and had something quick to eat. I had an aisle seat on the first plane and had Casper the friendly ghost next to me. On the second plane, from Iceland, I almost had the pleasure of sitting next to Casper again until the guy on the aisle seat (I was at the window in a row of three seats) wanted to sit next to his partner. Fair enough I guess, but I almost had no one next to me for six hours. Instead, he moved next to me and his partner moved back next to him from the row in front. So I spent the next six hours in physiological warfare over who gets to have their elbow on the armrest. It could have been so peaceful.

2 thoughts on “The Americas

  1. Enjoy Toronto. Its so beautiful especially during the summer! If you have time catch a blue jays game. Hot dog, beer, baseball. Cant get better than that. Happy travelsn


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