It really doesn’t sleep

I’m not superstitious but today started on the wrong side of the bed. It happens to be Friday the 13th. Strange things have happened to me on Friday the 13th before. Come to think of it, strange things have even happened on Thursday the 12th and Saturday the 14th. The only difference is that you remember them because this particular date is so hyped up.

Once I got stuck in an elevator on this date. And today, I woke up, or actually I continued being awake. I just wouldn’t fall asleep; my room that I switched to is horrible. It’s close to the street and down on first floor. So it was loud and just awful. I spoke to the reception and they said they would rewind time so that I can have my night back. Actually they said that I was aloud to switch rooms again. So I’m going back to the fourth floor where I started, even to the same room. The reason I switched to start with was because I thought I would be leaving New York yesterday, but decided to stay to watch the Formula E race here. Felt kind of obvious since I’m already in town.


Hello, I am an overexcited tourist.

So here I am in NYC, my first stop after Toronto. The cities have similarities. They are both big and noisy but New York is just everything multiplied 49 times. You can’t really compare the two actually. Toronto is fantastic and the people are easy going and warm. Here in New York, the people are super open and very easy to talk to, but the depth and warmth isn’t really there in the same way. I don’t know what’s to prefer… Swedes are just quiet and suspicious.

New York is an amazing city and I get why everyone wants to be here. If you are a city person and like buzz and people, then you can’t not like New York. And in a way, all big cities have a bit of each other. New York has a London vibe to it here and there. And Toronto reminds me slightly of Berlin in places. I’m trying to take it easy today because I’ve been walking around NYC since Saturday, around 30 000 steps a day. That’s three times more then recommended. So I won’t need to walk again until 2021.


A picture of Grand Central Terminal.

I walked over to the Starbucks down the road from where I’m staying, on 103rd street. I order a brewed coffee, and the dude at the till forgets to take my money. So in a way that broke the unlucky Friday streak. Briefly. Obviously I reminded him and paid. I went to put milk in but the milk was finished, so the girl behind the till asks me, “want kind of milk do you want?” I replied, “any kind of milk will do.” It seemed to make her day because she raised her voice and said, “Wow, it’s an any kind of milk kind of day!” and laughed. It made me laugh and her colleagues as well. In that way New York is fun because people are relaxed as if they already know you, and I like that. After that the water stopped running at that Starbucks so they had to close and send all the customers out! “Happy Friday the 13th!” she cried. So that was it, I had to walk back to my hostel and continue writing this post.

Song of the day: Stevie Wonder – Superstition

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