Bicycle Race

It’s been a month since I got back from North America. Where did this whole month go? It’s already September! And since then I’ve even managed a trip to Holland for work…

August was a fun month though, and I did some fun stuff outside of work. I did a modelling job for a shopping centre here I Stockholm; those pictures should be out in the local newspapers any day. And I mentioned I was in Holland; mainly for work, but I had some time for myself as well. Firstly, I was at the racetrack in Zandvoort hosting a guest we had for our magazine. A great experience. After that I did some more work visiting a factory further south, about an hour from Utrecht. And after that I went back up to Amsterdam for the night, seeing the sights and grabbing a bite to eat, before flying home the day after. And it’s true, there are so many bicycles in Amsterdam!


Holland in an amazing country, I’ve been there before but only have boring memories of it. I remember Amsterdam being a horrible and dull looking city when I was there during a road trip in Europe in 2006. This time I really saw the beauty that Holland has to offer, and Amsterdam really is a pretty city. Still, a lot of the stuff going on there is heart braking. But as a picture perfect city it is one of the best. I also found an English bookstore, where I managed to get a hold of Damon Hill’s biography. If you don’t know who he is, he is a former F1-driver.


And speaking of F1-drivers, I was sent a review copy of Kimi Räikkönen’s newly released biography. So far it’s only released in Swedish and Finnish. I wrote to the Finnish publisher, telling them who I am (an astronaut from inner space), and they gladly sent me a copy of it, so I’m in the middle of it now. A review will be out here any day.

Other than that I’ve got some fun writing work to do, and also some drum work to finish up for a musician I met in Nashville.

Song of the day: Ariana Grande – no tears left to cry

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