We have no values

Where did the heat go? And where did the autumn go? I went for a walk this morning, and my hands almost fell off! Did we skip autumn and go straight to winter?

I got back from my walk, with my hands intact, but I did almost loose my ears. It’s time to get out the woolly hat again. And I was just getting use to the terrible haircut my hairdresser gave me a couple of weeks ago! Anyway, enough of feeling sorry for myself!

So, it’s autumn, and time for Swedish Idol. I’m not sure, it might just be me, but I wonder if TV-audiences have had enough of shows like this? I watched the first live show to check out this year’s crop. I wouldn’t say the level is great, nowhere near American Idol; understandable since Sweden’s population is a fraction of that of America’s. 10 million to 326 million says it all.

I think society is becoming numb. I think we are slowly being brainwashed.

The TV-shows being made today are more or less all based on watching, pardon my Chinese, youngsters making fools of themselves. Sure, the shows aren’t all bad, but we as the general public have settled – settled for zero substance. When did the brainwashing start? Everything being made is either about dating your ex, or singing off-key in front of a live audience, or cooking up a dish of random poo for your country’s equivalent of Gordon Ramsay.

The older I get, the more I understand that dude from that movie “Into the Wild”. Actually I think he was living in denial, but sometimes I feel so tired of society’s direction and just want to get away from it all for a while. Like an escape to the sun for a couple of weeks. No internet, no phone, no Instagram, and no idiots.

I hope it’s all just a phase, because we are bringing up a society with no values and no confidence. We are being taught that image is all important, and no self-integrity is the way to go. I miss Little House on the Prairie.

Song of the day: Smallpools – Killer Whales



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