Who knew?

What are you reading right now? I’m in the middle of two books. The first is Shania Twain’s biography, and the other is How to Build a Car, by the top Formula 1 designer Adrian Newey. Two utterly different books, yet interesting in their own way.

The book on how to build cars is more or less Adrian Newey’s life so far; he’s still in F1, designing winning race cars, but this is about what he’s achieved up till now. He is the most successful designer of all time – he drew the cars that Sebastian Vettel won his championship titles with, among others. He is also the man behind the car that Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna was tragically killed in back in 1994 – something that still haunts him to this day, as he reveals in his book. The photo for this post is of his latest design, taken by my big brother!

Each of Adrian’s cars has it’s own chapter, so you can read about the struggles, problems and successes with each of them. For a racing fan it’s a must-read – even if you’re “only” into automotive design. It’s a heavy hardcover, so it’s not a book I bring with me on my commute back and forth from work. I read it before I fall asleep. Very relaxing indeed, even though it’s about the stresses of being competitive in Formula 1!


The other book, Shania’s biography, is a heavy one. Not in the same way as Adrian Newey’s. Hers is a paperback, and I’m able to bring this on my commute. The book covers her whole life in detail. Some parts of the book are so heavy that I almost have to put it away for a moment; it actually ruined my morning a few days ago as I was on my way to work. Her upbringing was as bad as they come. I wouldn’t recommend the book if you’re not prepared to be shaken – it really is rather disturbing in places. At least it turned out well for her!

After those books I’ve got another waiting for me. Who knew I would become such a bookworm? It’s a great pastime as my private chauffeur (the bus/train/underground driver) gets me to work, or wherever I need to get to.

Song of the day: Toto – Selfish

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