For the energy

What is better than a bath during the cold season? Having a bathtub is great. I didn’t have one in my last flat so when I finally got one I’ve been using it a lot. It’s soothing but I must admit I get bored sometimes.

We’re only days away from November. And guess what happens then? Hey, I don’t know either! It’s going to be cold – that’s for sure! I heard we would have snow this weekend, and believe me: when the snow comes, we’re going to be as surprised as ever that it actually can snow in Sweden. Year after year we never learn!

Energy is naturally low during the autumn season. I’ve been making sure to keep busy still, but it is harder when the cold comes. The darkness is here now as well, the sun goes down just after five in the afternoon. And tonight it’s also that time of year to turn the clocks back for winter time. It’s going to be even darker!


This is me trying to take a good selfie at the office.

With the dark season upon us it even makes it harder at the gym – and I go to the gym for the energy! Wow, it’s rough lifting those awful weights this time of year! Humankind is pretty fragile! Sensitive bunch, aren’t we? By the way: in case you were wondering, Ritter Sport Strawberry Yogurt is tasty (thanks guys for the imaginary sponsorship money).

Song of the day: Gretchen Wilson – Redneck Woman

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